Dr. Jacob de Silva Solis Cohen: A Scarce Civil War Autograph

February 11, 1874

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Dr. Jacob de Silva Solis Cohen: A Scarce Civil War Autograph
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1 page | SMC 307

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  • Jacob Da Silva Solis Cohen


    Jacob da Silva Solis Cohen was a Sephardic Jew who served with both the Union Army and Navy, most notably as an assistant surgeon with Dupont’s expedition to Port Royal and with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron.  After the war he returned to a distinguished medical and civic career in Philadelphia. His scarce autograph here certifies an 1874 death in the city of Philadelphia.
    Document Signed (“J. Solis Cohen), being a death certificate; partially printed and accomplished in manuscript, 1 page, quarto, Philadelphia, February 11, 1874. Listing the particulars of the demise of one Eleanor Ezekiel.
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    Return of a Death
    in the City of Philadelphia.
    Physician's Certificate.

    1. Name of Deceased, Eleanor Ezekiel

    2. Colour, white

    3. Sex, female
    4 Age, 69 years

    5. Married or Single, married

    6. Date of Death, Feb. 11th 1874

    7. Cause of Death, Valvular disease of heart

    J. Solis Cohen M.D.

    Residence, 1327 Green St.